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Eschenbach Editions (Classical Publisher) publishes the music of Composer James Douglas in Sheet Music form and welcomes interest about performances or broadcasts of his music. Please visit his page for full biographical details and to discover more about his music. A DVD has also been produced featuring his music by Caritas Records, called DVD 'A Musical Journey. 16 CDs by James Douglas have been released by Caritas Records and all are currently on sale via this website. Composer James Douglas performs all of the piano music on this CDs and in all Live performances. A selection of Sheet Music, including 'Emblems, Formations and Sonnets for Orpheus' (all recently published) is also available. Enquiries are also welcomed from performers who wish to perform the music of James Douglas or who wish to receive promotional scores.

Contact: or call 01854 612236

CDs / Sheet Music:

Caritas Music Publishing has the sole distribution rights for Sheet Music published by Eschenbach Editions. Visit the Trade section here for further details.

Caritas Music Publishing is the sole distributor of Caritas Records, with 16 CDs by Composer James Douglas , and a multi-media DVD. These products are for sale online here. Separately Caritas Music Publishing also distributes Classical CDs to Trade Customers for many record labels; further details are in the Trade section of this website. Visit the Trade section for full details and for the Trade terms and conditions.


Caritas Music Publishing and Eschenbach Editions welcome enquiries from the Trade or from Retailers who wish to open an Account for CDs or Sheet Music. Email: or call 01854 612236 for further details.

Visit the Trade section for full details and for the Trade terms and conditions. If you are looking for a piece of music or a particular CD, then e-mail Caritas here and Caritas will do its very best to find it for you.


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