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Dancing round the North CD by James Douglas

Dancing round the North by James Douglas

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Catalogue Number: ABZ155CD Total Duration: 30:30 mins Price: £9.00
  Dancing round the North is the brand new CD by James Douglas Composer on Keyboard. Features 13 exclusive tracks.     Details
Visions of Glory by David Adam and James Douglas

Visions of Glory


Catalogue Number: ABZ121CD

Total Duration: 20:11

Price: £8.99

'Visions of Glory' contains 12 beautiful and moving prayers in the Celtic Tradition (taken from the book entitled: 'The Edge of Glory' by David Adam, Triangle/SPCK 1985), sung by Caritas Voices More... Details
Cry of the Deer Cry of the Deer

Catalogue Number: CCBZ271CD

Total Duration: 71:46

Price: £10.99

'Cry of the Deer' consists of a series of six moving meditations by the former Vicar of Holy Island, Rev. Canon David Adam, taken from the book entitled: 'The Cry of the Deer' More... Details
A Vision A Vision

Catalogue Number: ABZ110CD

Total Duration: 56:51

Price: £9.99

This Compact Disc gives a welcome opportunity to hear the first performances of some of James Douglas' music and therefore is of considerable historic merit. More...

Cloud of Unknowing Cloud of Unknowing

Catalogue Number: ABZ130CD

Total Duration: 58:14

Price: £9.99

'Cloud of Unknowing' contains 9 fascinating tracks for Piano, Flute, Organ and Narrator. 'Direct and Lucid..' (The Edinburgh Evening News, 1/2/2001) More...

Live No. 1

Vigil of the Ascension

Caritas Live No. 1

Catalogue Number: ABZ141CD

Total Duration: 24:20

Price: £9.99

The first in the important Caritas Live series: Vigil of the Ascension begins with a focus on the Organ and on the Cello and Piano specifically. Susan Rigg and James Douglas begin with 'Journey around Beinn Fada' More...

Caritas Live No. 2 Into the Forest by James Douglas

Into the Forest

Caritas Live No. 2

Catalogue Number: ABZ142CD

Total Duration: 24:17

Price: £9.99

The second CD in the Caritas Live series, 'Into the Forest' is a wonderful compilation of live music, recorded in Christ Church, Edinburgh. James Douglas created the musical form: 'The Double Prelude'... More...


Music for the Fallen

Caritas Live No. 3

Catalogue Number: ABZ143CD

Total Duration: 25:32

Price: £9.99

Music for the Fallen ('Caritas Live No. 3') includes much music for Cello and Piano, beginning with 'Kaddish' a lovely work for the Cello and is followed by Compline, a piece for the end of the evening. More...

Live No. 4

Doors of Perception

Caritas Live No. 4

Catalogue Number: ABZ144CD

Total Duration: 30:34

Price: £9.99

If you like music for Trumpet and Piano, then this CD is for you. Doors of Perception is a set of 4 pieces for Trumpet and Piano, in a 1920's style, all lively and great fun. More...

Caritas Live No. 5 Cranes Dancing by James Douglas

Cranes Dancing

Caritas Live No. 5

Catalogue Number: ABZ145CD

Total Duration: 24:38

Price: £9.99

This lively CD, includes 2 of James Douglas' Double Prelude series (there are 12 in total), including No. 5: Rannoch Moor (in the Highlands of Scotland) and No. 3: Cranes Dancing More...


Threnody for Lost Time

Caritas Live No. 6

Catalogue Number: ABZ146CD

Total Duration: 34:26

Price: £9.99

'Threnody for Lost Time' (Caritas Live No. 6) begins with a Live performance of an arrangement of Handel's Larghetto in E for Flute & Piano, a beautiful opening piece. One of James Douglas' most important works is also featured on this CD: 'Threnody for Lost Time' More...


The Feast of his Joy

Caritas Live No. 7

Catalogue Number: ABZ147CD

Total Duration: 42:15

Price: £9.99

'The Feast of his Joy' (Caritas Live No. 7) features the World Premiere performance of Double Prelude No. 8 (The Feast of his Joy) which includes a quote from a well known Anthem as well as some gospel style music. More...

Caritas Live No. 8

Summertime Song

Caritas Live No. 8

Catalogue Number: ABZ148CD

Total Duration: 56:15

Price: £9.99

'Summertime Song' which was recorded Live in Christ Church, Edinburgh, includes some very important pieces by James Douglas, including music for Flute, Piano, Trumpet & Organ More...

The City Never Sleeps CD by James Douglas

The City Never Sleeps

Caritas Live No. 9

Catalogue Number: ABZ150CD

Total Duration: 55:38

Price: £9.99

This 12 track CD includes 8 pieces for Flute & Piano, 2 for Soprano & Piano and 2 for Trumpet & Piano (all of which have been recorded live in Edinburgh). More...

Caritas Live No. 10


Caritas Live No. 10

Catalogue Number: ABZ149CD

Total Duration: 51:54

Price: £9.99

This best-selling CD, features a very varied selection of the music Composer James Douglas, featuring World Premiere performances by celebrated artists. The cove depicts the Sutherland mountain: Suilven. More...

Caritas Live No. 11

Peace of the Highlands

Caritas Live No. 11

Catalogue Number: ABZ151CD

Total Duration: 62:45

Price: £10.99

Features a wide selection of the music of James Douglas, all taken from his magnificent Sequence: 'The Highlands and Islands Sequence'…Cover depicts the Ross-shire Munro: An Teallach (near Ullapool) More...     Details
Land of the Lochans Land of the Lochans by James Douglas Caritas Live No. 12

Catalogue Number: ABZ152CD

Total Duration: 29:55 mins

Price: £8.99

‘Land of the Lochans' features 9 beautiful pieces of music, all performed by George Gwilt (Flute) and James Douglas (Piano). This digitally recorded Album reflects the beauty of NW Scotland, with a mountain cover photo of ‘An Teallach’ and Loch Droma (near Ullapool). More... Details




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