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Land of the Lochans Land of the Lochans by James Douglas (Caritas Live No. 12)

Catalogue Number: ABZ152CD

Total Duration: 29:55 mins

Price: £8.99

‘Land of the Lochans’ is the most recent CD by Composer James Douglas. It features 9 beautiful pieces of music, all performed by George Gwilt (Flute) and James Douglas (Piano). This digitally recorded Album reflects the beauty of NW Scotland, with a mountain cover photo of ‘An Teallach’ and Loch Droma (near Ullapool). More... Details
Visions of Glory Visions of Glory

Catalogue Number: ABZ121CD

Total Duration: 20:11

Price: £8.99

'Visions of Glory' contains 12 beautiful and moving prayers in the Celtic Tradition (taken from the book entitled: 'The Edge of Glory' by David Adam, Triangle/SPCK 1985), sung by Caritas Voices More... Details
Cry of the Deer Cry of the Deer

Catalogue Number: CCBZ271CD

Total Duration: 71:46

Price: £10.99

'Cry of the Deer' consists of a series of six moving meditations by the former Vicar of Holy Island, Rev. Canon David Adam, taken from the book entitled: 'The Cry of the Deer' More... Details
A Vision A Vision

Catalogue Number: ABZ110CD

Total Duration: 56:51

Price: £9.99

This Compact Disc gives a welcome opportunity to hear the first performances of some of James Douglas' music and therefore is of considerable historic merit. More...

Cloud of Unknowing Cloud of Unknowing

Catalogue Number: ABZ130CD

Total Duration: 58:14

Price: £9.99

'Cloud of Unknowing' contains 9 fascinating tracks for Piano, Flute, Organ and Narrator. 'Direct and Lucid..' (The Edinburgh Evening News, 1/2/2001) More...

Live No. 1

Vigil of the Ascension

Caritas Live No. 1

Catalogue Number: ABZ141CD

Total Duration: 24:20

Price: £9.99

The first in the important Caritas Live series: Vigil of the Ascension begins with a focus on the Organ and on the Cello and Piano specifically. Susan Rigg and James Douglas begin with 'Journey around Beinn Fada' More...

Caritas Live No. 2 Into the Forest by James Douglas

Into the Forest

Caritas Live No. 2

Catalogue Number: ABZ142CD

Total Duration: 24:17

Price: £9.99

The second CD in the Caritas Live series, 'Into the Forest' is a wonderful compilation of live music, recorded in Christ Church, Edinburgh. James Douglas created the musical form: 'The Double Prelude'... More...


Music for the Fallen

Caritas Live No. 3

Catalogue Number: ABZ143CD

Total Duration: 25:32

Price: £9.99

Music for the Fallen ('Caritas Live No. 3') includes much music for Cello and Piano, beginning with 'Kaddish' a lovely work for the Cello and is followed by Compline, a piece for the end of the evening. More...

Live No. 4

Doors of Perception

Caritas Live No. 4

Catalogue Number: ABZ144CD

Total Duration: 30:34

Price: £9.99

If you like music for Trumpet and Piano, then this CD is for you. Doors of Perception is a set of 4 pieces for Trumpet and Piano, in a 1920's style, all lively and great fun. More...

Caritas Live No. 5 Cranes Dancing by James Douglas

Cranes Dancing

Caritas Live No. 5

Catalogue Number: ABZ145CD

Total Duration: 24:38

Price: £9.99

This lively CD, includes 2 of James Douglas' Double Prelude series (there are 12 in total), including No. 5: Rannoch Moor (in the Highlands of Scotland) and No. 3: Cranes Dancing More...


Threnody for Lost Time

Caritas Live No. 6

Catalogue Number: ABZ146CD

Total Duration: 34:26

Price: £9.99

'Threnody for Lost Time' (Caritas Live No. 6) begins with a Live performance of an arrangement of Handel's Larghetto in E for Flute & Piano, a beautiful opening piece. One of James Douglas' most important works is also featured on this CD: 'Threnody for Lost Time' More...


The Feast of his Joy

Caritas Live No. 7

Catalogue Number: ABZ147CD

Total Duration: 42:15

Price: £9.99

'The Feast of his Joy' (Caritas Live No. 7) features the World Premiere performance of Double Prelude No. 8 (The Feast of his Joy) which includes a quote from a well known Anthem as well as some gospel style music. More...

Caritas Live No. 8

Summertime Song

Caritas Live No. 8

Catalogue Number: ABZ148CD

Total Duration: 56:15

Price: £9.99

'Summertime Song' which was recorded Live in Christ Church, Edinburgh, includes some very important pieces by James Douglas, including music for Flute, Piano, Trumpet & Organ More...

The City Never Sleeps CD by James Douglas

The City Never Sleeps

Caritas Live No. 9

Catalogue Number: ABZ150CD

Total Duration: 55:38

Price: £9.99

This 12 track CD includes 8 pieces for Flute & Piano, 2 for Soprano & Piano and 2 for Trumpet & Piano (all of which have been recorded live in Edinburgh). More...

Caritas Live No. 10


Caritas Live No. 10

Catalogue Number: ABZ149CD

Total Duration: 51:54

Price: £9.99

This best-selling CD, features a very varied selection of the music Composer James Douglas, featuring World Premiere performances by celebrated artists. The cove depicts the Sutherland mountain: Suilven. More...

Caritas Live No. 11

Peace of the Highlands

Caritas Live No. 11

Catalogue Number: ABZ151CD

Total Duration: 62:45

Price: £10.99

Features a wide selection of the music of James Douglas, all taken from his magnificent Sequence: 'The Highlands and Islands Sequence'…Cover depicts the Ross-shire Munro: An Teallach (near Ullapool) More...



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