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Threnody for Lost Time by James Douglas

Catalogue Number: ABZ146CD

1. Larghetto in E 2:59
2. Threnody for Lost Time 5:10
3. Double Prelude No. 7 (Cape Breton Island) 8:05
4. Double Prelude No. 8 (The Feast of his Joy) 7:26
5. Journeys to Iona 11:26

Composer: James Douglas
Label: Caritas Live
Artists: James Douglas, Susan Rigg, Michael Bonaventure, George Gwilt and Andrew Kinnear

Price: £9.99

'Threnody for Lost Time ('Caritas Live No. 6) begins with a Live performance of an arrangement of Handel's Larghetto in E for Flute & Piano, a beautiful opening piece. One of James Douglas' most important works is also featured on this CD: 'Threnody for Lost Time' a tribute to the events of 9/11 in New York, USA. This moving and uplifting piece was inspired by a tale from a child of 9/11, a real must for your collection. The CD ends with the superb piece; 'Journeys to Iona' for Organ, performed magnificently by Michael Bonaventure.' This CD now has a new cover and was relaunched by Caritas Records in 2015.


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