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Eschenbach Editions (Proprietor: Katharine H. Douglas (2013) was established in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1986 by James Douglas, to promote, publish and make commercially available the work of Classical Composers. On the 21st January 2013, his daughter Katharine H. Douglas became the Proprietor of Eschenbach Editions, following James Douglas' decision to focus on Composing. Areas include: Choral, Orchestral, Solo Instrumental, Library and Film Genres, which can be bought from the Caritas Music Store. Now located in Ullapool, Ross-shire, Eschenbach Editions has expanded to include not only a wide printed sheet music catalogue, but has had many performances of its music all over the world. Notably in: Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris, Église St. Roch, Paris and in November 1999 at St. Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue, New York, USA, other performances have also been received in London, Edinburgh and Switzerland.


A selection of Sheet Music published by Eschenbach Editions is for sale via the the Caritas Music Store Caritas Music Store.The Music of Eschenbach Editions is distributed to Retailers throughout the UK by Caritas Music Publishing. Eschenbach Editions has recently also opened an Amazon Marketplace store, selling a range of 2nd hand books and also new Sheet Music published by Eschenbach Editions. In 2015, an excerpt from 'Before Prayer' taken from Visions of Glory by James Douglas and Author David Adam, was included in the new Celtic Daily Prayer Book Two: Farther up and Farther In. This was published in 2 volumes by William Collins.


Entries for Eschenbach Editions can currently be found in the following Directories:

Billboard: International Buyer's Guide, British and International Music Yearbook, Kelly's Directory, Music Week, The White Book and Showcase International Music Yearbook amongst many others.


Eschenbach Editions is currently an Associate Member of Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS Ltd), Performing Right Society (PRS Ltd) and a Mwmber of the Music Publishers Association Ltd (MPA Ltd).

Current Composers:

Our current composers include Music by James Douglas, Andreas Petersen & Bedford Chambers. Find out more about our Composers and their publications in our Composers section.



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Eschenbach Editions
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