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Headlines in this edition of the Latest News from Caritas:

  1. Music for Hope and Recovery is launched online
  2. 'A Vision' by James Douglas....
  3. 2 more landmark Scores are published by Eschenbach Editions.
  4. Eschenbach Editions marks its 30th birthday with 3 new Scores for Organ....
  5. Caritas Media Music now on YouTube:
  6. Extract from 'Before Prayer' by James Douglas is included in new Celtic Daily Prayer Book Two.....
  7. Revamped website with more information; new links, new details, photos and much much more.
  8. 4 Scores have been published by Eschenbach Editions: Urbs Beata Jerusalem, Emblems, Formations and Brass Quintet by James Douglas (available to buy online)

Composer James Douglas at The Macphail Theatre in 2009



Composer James Douglas has been busy during lockdown and has composed, recorded and released a brand new digital recording called ‘Music for Hope and Recovery’ on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and other online streaming sites. For some this would be quite a feat in itself, but bear in mind that Douglas is the grand young age of 88 and ½ 😊 .

Entitled: ‘Music for Hope and Recovery’ includes 11 tracks all recorded by Douglas on Keyboard and finishes with the triumphant ‘Toccata’ from ‘A Vision’ recorded by Organist Michael Bonaventure.

Douglas hopes that his music will give strength to those in darker days, inspire hope for the future and also give enjoyment to those of us who remain at home during lockdown and in the weeks to come.

Music for Hope and Recovery is available now

For further details, visit

James Douglas Composer

From: Eschenbach Editions

Contact: Katharine Douglas, Eschenbach Editions (Music Publisher)

2) Latest digital release: 'A Vision' by James Douglas:

"Back in 1988 my father James Douglas was comissioned to write a work for Organ to be performed at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris. This became ‘A Vision’ and was performed by world-renowned Organist Michael Bonaventure and received thunderous applause in appreciation of its performance. In 2000, the decision was made to record this fantastic Organ work and it was subsequently released on a CD also called 'A Vision' by Caritas Records. Today (Friday 17th April 2020) I am thrilled to announce that this work is now available to download or stream from iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play Music. My own experience of this significant work comes from hearing its' Edinburgh and UK Premiere in St. Mary's Cathedral in Palmerston Place. I was lucky enough to sit in the choir stalls immediately opposite the organ console and I was completely blown away by this mesmerising and majestic piece of music. (Author: Katharine H. Douglas)

Happily today, this can either be downloaded or streamed here:

Apple Music:


Apple Music:


and here:

Google Play Music:

3) 3 tracks from the CD: 'Visions of Glory' by David Adam and James Douglas are now available on YouTube: 3 tracks now available on YouTube:


4) 2 more Landmark Printed music scores (Performers Editions) are published by Eschenbach Editions this month: a) From the Deeps for Solo Organ and b) Trilogia for Organ. Both of these ground breaking scores will challenge an organist, but will also delight audiences alike. For further details please contact via email:

5) Classical Publisher marks 30 years with 3 new Organ works published

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Publisher Douglas himself founded in 1986, Eschenbach Editions have just published 3 significant works for Organ in loose-leaf performer’s scores editions:

These works are now available to order in sheet music format, either in A4 loose leaf format or spiral bound for performances and can be purchased online via the website:


James Douglas (b. 1932), studied in Munich, Paris, Salzburg, London and Edinburgh. His music has been transmitted on BBC Radio 2 & 3, Radio Scotland, BBC Alba, in Ireland and in France and also features on 15 CDs all released by Caritas Records.

Eschenbach Editions was established in 1986 by James Douglas, originally in Edinburgh. The publisher relocated in 2006 to North West Scotland and since his daughter Katharine Douglas, has taken over the reigns of this Classical Publisher, she hopes to see his music go from strength to strength.

‘Although over 100 pieces of my father’s music have been commercially recorded and I have always loved his music for the Organ and, as scores of this music are quite rare, I have decided to preserve this music for the future with this groundbreaking publication of 3 major Organ scores. I decided to publish the music primarily to mark the 30th anniversary of Eschenbach Editions, and to choose Organ Music to start with for personal reasons. One of my fondest memories of my fathers music was listening to a live performance of A Vision in St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh and being totally mesmorised by the sound this fantastic instrument can make. Once you hear Organ music live, you will never forget it. I also now hope that other Organists or musicians will also wish to take this music on and perform it around the world, both in Scotland and of course nationally too. James Douglas is now marking his 85th year and to celebrate this and Eschenbach’s 30th birthday, we would like to ask people to celebrate these facts, through performances, CDs and broadcasts of the music of James Douglas: a unique Composer.’

6) Caritas Media Music is now on YouTube: with the first in a series of Videos introducing the Music of James Douglas. View here: The first video features excerpts from the DVD: 'A Visual and Musical Journey' by James and Helen Douglas.

Celtic Daily Prayer Book Two 7) Eschenbach Editions has announced that an extract from 'Before Prayer' taken from 'Visions of Glory' by James Douglas, has been included in the newly published 'Celtic Daily Prayer Book Two' published by William Collins in late 2015. 'Before Prayer' was used with full permission from Eschenbach Editions and James Douglas is delighted that such a fine new Daily Prayer book now includes an extract of his music in the Compline (Night Prayer) section for Wednesday. ISBN: 9780008100193. This new book is published by William Collins and is the second of two volumes of Celtic Daily Prayer: 'Farther up and Farther In' that are numbered continuously.


8) The Caritas Music Publishing and Eschenbach Editions website has recently had a relaunch, with many more links, Order Forms to download, information and new photos, all contributing to a re-design and re-branding for the Publishers. For the Trade section, visit here, alternatively if you would like more information about our Composers, visit the Composers section here. Alternatively to buy a CD, just go to the Caritas Music Store. Payments are accepted via PayPal with all payments secure. 

9) 4 more Scores by Composer James Douglas are now available to buy from Eschenbach Editions and via this website.

a) 'Urbs Beata Jerusalem' for High Voice and Organ

b) 'Emblems' which is a work scored for 11 Wind Instruments, in a combination of 2222 / 3

A Score is now available for sale, with parts available for Hire from Eschenbach Editions.

c) 'Formations' and is for 11 Brass Instruments in a 3431 combination. The Composer estimates that this work would be a wonderful addition to a Brass Group. The Score is available to purchase with parts available for Hire from Eschenbach Editions.

d) The final new score is 'Brass Quintet' for 2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone and Tuba.


Contact Caritas Music Publishing or Eschenbach Editions:

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