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Caritas Live No. 2 Into the Forest by James Douglas

Catalogue Number: ABZ142CD

1. Double Prelude No. 1: Into the Forest (Caledonian Pine) for Organ and Piano 17:36
2. Prelude for Susannah for Flute and Piano 3:35
3. Waltz for Madeleine for Flute and Piano 3:06

Composer: James Douglas
Label: Caritas Live
Artists: James Douglas (Piano), George Gwilt (Flute)and Michael Bonaventure (Organ)

Price: £9.99

'The second CD in the Caritas Live series, 'Into the Forest' (Caledonian Pine) is a wonderful compilation of live music, recorded in Christ Church, Edinburgh. James Douglas created the musical form: 'The Double Prelude;' meaning a work in 2 sections; usually for 2 performers, it can also mean a double meaning of the music. The first of James Douglas' Double Prelude's: 'Into the Forest' for Organ & Piano, tells the story of the forest and stimulates us all with its wonderful power. This is followed by 2 pieces by James Douglas, written for 2 of his grand-daughters, each showing their individual characters.'


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