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Caritas Live No. 5 Cranes Dancing by James Douglas

Catalogue Number: ABZ145CD

1. Double Prelude No. 5 (Rannoch) for Organ & Piano 9:33
2. Autumn Serenade for Trumpet & Piano 2:43
3. Double Prelude No. 3 (Cranes Dancing) for Flute & Piano12:22

Composer: James Douglas
Label: Caritas Live
Artists: James Douglas (Piano), Michael Bonaventure (Organ), George Gwilt (Flute) and Andrew Kinnear (Trumpet)


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Price: £9.99

'This lively CD, includes 2 of James Douglas' Double Prelude series (there are 12 in total), including No. 5: Rannoch Moor (in the Highlands of Scotland) and No. 3: Cranes Dancing, which the Composer wrote after seeing a painting by the Artist John Busby depicting some of these magnificent birds in a journey from the Arctic to Central Spain! A CD to be enjoyed by all…'


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